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Introducing the Roshar Palanaeum

A companion website for Brandon Sanderson's The Way of Kings

This website is intended to be a spoiler free companion for

any who wish to look at fan art while they read the first

installment of The Stormlight Archive, The Way of Kings.

The website is organized by Parts, the same as the book. Interlude's

are included at the end of each Part that they follow in the book.

There are also some supplemental pages, such as a Spren Compendium,

and a collection of each chapter's epigraphs to further organize and

collect information that you might want to see in one place.

Each chapter will have as much relevant fan art on each page,

though you'll notice some chapters have more than others. Some

images, like character portraits, are reused across multiple chapters.

I'm including all different types of artwork for a few reasons.

I think everyone's art is fantastic regardless of style. When it

comes to imagining scenes in a book, I think all different styles

of art can serve the same purpose, and it's also incredible to see how

the same pages and descriptions can be interpreted differently by different

people. So you might see some wildly different images on the same page.

A brief overview of what each page might look like:

Title Art
Chapter Map & Epigraph
Fan Art
Chapter Spren

Title Art: Every page will have the chapter art at the top. This art is from the book.

Chapter Map & Epigraph: Below the chapter title art, will be the chapter's map with the location of the chapter highlighted, and next to that is the chapter's epigraph.

Book Illustration: If there was an illustration in the book it will appear below the map and epigraph. If that illustration has text attached to it, I'll include that also.

Fan Art: Next, I'll provide all of the fan art (that I found to date) with a brief title and also a link to where I found the art. Each piece of art is attributed to the original artist.

Chapter Spren: If spren physically appear in the chapter, I'll include them after fan art. These are all made by myself and are just simple animations of how the spren are described and how they behave.

Navigation: Finally, at the bottom of the page there will be buttons to the previous and the next chapter. Between these two buttons will be a link to and their extensive chapter summaries.

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