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Chapter Map & Epigraph

Kharbranth City

"They changed, even as we fought them. Like shadows they were, that can transform as the flame dances. Never underestimate them because of what you first see."

- Purports to be a scrap collected from Talatin, a Radiant of the Order of Stonewards. The source - Guvlow's Incarnate - is generally held as reliable, though this is from a copied fragment of "The Poem of the Seventh Morning," which has been lost.

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Chapter Illustration

Analysis of four word cities and their underlying forms based on city plans found in the archives of the Palanaeum, Kharbranth.
When one removes the current streets and main byways of Akinah, Thaylen City, Vedenar, and Kholinar and combines the steel blocks into larger shapes, leaving behind the natural rock formations upon which these cities were originally built, the underlying pattern of the stone becomes more clear.
Thaylen City
The divine ten-part symmetry of Akinah is accentuated when the shape of the city is viewed from above. Amidst the lines of Thaylen City a star pattern emerges. twisting streets of Vedenar becomes an organized pattern of arrows and circles.
In the case of Kholinar, even the city walls follow the contour of the subcartographal rock formations known as the Windblades. The wall incorporate the formations, using them to augment the defensive strength of the city.
I am left wondering if this is a strange coincidence. And if not, then what does it all mean?
      The scholar, Kabsal

Fan Art


By Cammythom

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