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The Shattered Plains

"They lived out in the wilds, always awaiting the Desolation - or sometimes, a foolish child who took no heed of the night's darkness."

- A child's tale, yes, but this quote from Shadows Remembered seems to hint at the truth I seek. See page 82, the fourth tale.

Chapter Map & Epigraph
Book Illustration

The history of Man
The Expulsion
the loss of the tranquiline halls
The Desolations
war against the Voidbringers
the last desolation
defeat of the
The Recreance
the fall of the Knights
The Hierocracy
the failure of Vorinism

Fan Art
Brightness Hashal

Brightness Hashal

By Dragontrill

Bridge Four

Bridge Four

By Torren Zane Kelch

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