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The Shattered Plains

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"Ten people, with Shardblades alight, standing before a wall of black and white and red."

- Collected: Jesachev, 1173, 12 seconds pre-death. Subject: one of our own ardents, overheard during his last moments.

Chapter Map & Epigraph
Book Illustration

Chulls are everywhere, of course, and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. There must be far more breeds of the animals than I'd originally assumed. I've seen them pulling carts, towing boxes, carrying jugs of water in racks on their sides. I even saw a man riding one for transportation, though it seems that walking would be faster.

Apparently the beasts aren't hurt if the shell is cracked, or even shaped. Some people sand flat places on top to ride, and many carts are hooked to fittings drilled directly into the shell


The shells aren't nearly as heavy as they look. 
In the wild, plants grow in the crevices, a sleeping chull looks like a boulder.

Many of the drivers here on the coast direct the animals by tapping on their antennae with a long pole, rather than using a cockpit leather bridle like the workers on my fathers estate.

Fan Art


By Marie Seeberger

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